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Consultancy on industrial glues and adhesive products

The most important thing at PKI is our glue. We have great knowledge and knowhow which assure you the best possible solution.

Most of our consultants have been in the company for more than 15 years. This means, we often find a detail, a working process or a new opportunity you probably haven’t considered – simply because we’re specialist’ in our field.

We like to say: “We sell 20 percent products and 80 percent knowledge”

We see you as a business partner
We take pride in providing competent advices on our products and in the fact that our advises are based on your business and your needs. We know, that PKI delivers the best glue and adhesives in the market. We also know, that the greatest value for you is when our products are used the best possible way. This is why we see you as our business partner.
When you profit, we profit
We like to be involved in the entire process from selection over test and optimizing to the final usage.

We are more than willing to educate during production regarding correct use of the glue. This provides you and your company an extra reassurance and together we have a goal to help your business grow

We believe that if you profit, we profit.

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