Industrial Glue for Contruction

The Wood and Furniture industry stick to PKI and reverse. We have a common desire to produce furniture that both looks good and is solid and durable for surfaces and joints.
Vi are specialists in glue to wood and furnitures.

We have a full range of glues and adhesives for wood and furniture industry and we deliver glue for the production of everything from kitchens to beds and doors. And we can make a differnce, when involved in the entire proces – after a lot of years in the business we have collected great knowledge.

For your company, this means that we can contribute with knowledge and advice to streamline and automate those parts of production where our glues are included.

We constantly develop our products.

Even if we’re specialists in glue to the furniture insustry today, we may not be tomorroe if we don’t keep up. This is why we spent a lot of effort to develop and improve our glues. This is an area of high for PKI for us to be able to offer high quality homogeneous glues – also in the future.

We like to cooperate with you as a client, for us to ensure, that we deliver exactly the glue fitted best for your company. We test the glues in our own laboratory untill they meet your requirements.