Industrial glue for Construction


The wood and furniture industries are a large part of PKI and vice versa. We have a common desire to produce products that both look good, are solid and durable in surfaces and joints and always with a great focus on the environment and sustainability.

We meet these requirements, since we are specialists in glue for wood and furniture.

We have a complete range of glues and adhesives for the wood and furniture industry, and we supply everything from kitchens to beds, doors, windows, furniture and floors. And anything else in between.

If you allow us to be involved throughout the entire process, we can make a difference, because with many years of work in the industry we have gathered a great deal of knowledge.

For your business, this means an offer of knowledge and advices to streamline and automate the parts of the production where our glues and adhesives are included.

We are constantly developing our products. Because even though we are specialists in glues for the furniture industry today, we won’t necessarily be tomorrow unless we follow the development closely.

We therefore make great effort to develop and improve our adhesives on an ongoing basis to meet the constant requirements. It is of extremely high prioritize for PKI, always to offer homogeneous glues and adhesives, which are also the best on the market in the future.

We cooperate with you as our customer, to ensure that we deliver exactly the glues that suits your company. We have our own laboratory, where we develop and test the adhesives until they meet your exact requirements.